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Morristown Rescue Squad (MRS) has been faithfully serving our community since June 1975. We are a service made up primarily of volunteers who enjoy serving our community in this way. MRS responded to 588 calls in 2011. Not all of our calls involved transporting patients; some were “no transports” such as a stand-by at fires or “lift assists” where we help individuals that have fallen get back into chairs or beds. Our squad is made up of 45 volunteer members, one full-time employee, our Operations Lead Joyce Lanpher, and one part-time member, Diana Osbourn, who serves as our paramedic, coordinates trainings and assists with other duties. Both employees are EMTs and take call weekdays, a time slot we have difficulty covering.  


We are proud to continue offering Paramedic level coverage to our community. Some weekdays our paramedic is on duty, other times we rely on paramedic volunteers or medics through mutual-aid with surrounding communities. While numbers vary throughout the year, our current squad roster includes: 1 Paramedic, 10 EMT-Intermediate members,

20 EMT-Basic members, 3 FRECA members (first aide responders) and 11 CPR members. Drivers are required to have a minimum CPR certification. Two members are certified as community trainers in a suicide prevention program entitled “U Matter”. This program employs a community-based approach for early recognition and skill building to respond to suicidal incidents across the lifespan. Our trainers have assisted in providing outreach programs and trainings to interested members in our community who want to help reach out to our youth and others at risk for suicide.

If you are interested in learning more about this program or know someone who might be, please call us at (802) 888-5628 anytime day or night and leave a message. If you or

someone you know maybe at risk please call 1-800-273-TALK or 211 for emergency suicide intervention.


Demand for Day-time Volunteers Continues

Despite the best efforts of our volunteers and employees, it’s still a very big challenge to provide full time coverage 24/7; especially daytime hours. We are grateful to employers who allow their personnel flextime to respond to emergency calls during the week.


MRS provides valuable emergency training to these employees who not only provide a

 service to their community, but could also assist with medical issues in their workplace and jobsites should the need arise. Please consider allowing your employees to volunteer on an as

 needed basis one or two days a month. Currently 75% of the volunteers on Morristown Rescue live outside of Morristown but still volunteer their time to our community. We are in desperate need of Morristown residents stepping forward to volunteer to help us serve our friends and neighbors in their time of need. Have you ever driven by an accident scene

or been with a friend who needed help and wished that you knew what to do?

Consider joining Morristown Rescue - our organization provides the training and support system for you to help those in need. All you need to do is provide your time, to be there when others need you most. Any community member interested in joining Rescue or finding out more about what you can do to help,please call 888-5628 or contact Joyce by email at mo_rescue@comcast.net.


Community Outreach

In addition to providing 911 emergency services, we provided a variety of community outreach programs. Courses we offered in 2011 included: an EMT-B course, a First Responder Emergency Care Attendant (FRECA) course, CPR courses and a babysitting course. Additionally, MRS provided assistance at soccer and hockey games, at the Polar Bear Plunge, and we offered a Bicycle Safety Day where we provided bike helmets to the public.


Rescue Coordinator

Joyce Lanpher

E-mail- Mo_rescue@comcast.net



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